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tile store torontoToronto is well-known for its ever-changing landscape. New condominium towers are appearing on a daily basis, office high-rises reach ever higher towards the sky and the average person spends a great deal of their day just trying to keep up with this busy city. While the outside of many condos and homes are being built with glass, steel and bricks, the interior of homes are starting once again to incorporate marble as either a full or partial way of sprucing up the décor. Marble stone can be placed almost anywhere in the house – even outside in the yard – making it an easy way to add a touch of elegance.
Marble for Every Occasion
Marble is made up of sedimentary rock mostly comprised of limestone. Various colours result from the mineral deposits which mix with the stone and then fuse together under enormous amounts of pressure deep within the earth. For example, a green-tinted marble has been exposed to considerably more magnesium than its counterparts, resulting in the soft natural hue of spring leaves. A similar process can also produce shades of red, pink, blue and grey, among other colours. Traditional white marble can also have a little colour added to it through highlights fashioned by mineral deposits. These usually are more of a muted tone of brown or yellow, but in certain circumstances can actually be a deep blue or a brilliant violet, making a powerful impact piece as well as art which is unique only to you. In addition, if you find that the natural shades do not suit your needs, it is quite easy to apply a marble stain over the stone, transforming it into almost any colour you can imagine while still allowing its natural beauty to shine through. This versatility allows marble tiles to be placed almost anywhere and matched to virtually any colour scheme.
Add Value to Your Home
Since ancient times, marble has been considered a sign of luxury and prosperity. Carvings and epitaphs were often etched into this stone for its longevity and opulence. However, you need not build a monument to reap the benefits today. Time and again the housing market has shown that homes which incorporate marble tile continue to retain and even rise in value as opposed to other building supplies. This stems from the following two reasons:
  1. Marble is associated with class. It makes many people think of the coliseums and palaces of the past, and makes a powerful statement about the care taken in the home. Guests will marvel at the intricate stone work and the reflection of sunlight that give it an almost life-like appearance; and
  2. Marble tiles are known for longevity. When homebuyers walk into a potential home and notice marble tile floors, they will instantly recognize that it is one project that will never need replacing.”!